Job vacancy Joiner at Kapuna

Location of job: Kapuna Hospital, Papua New Guinea

Timing of job: March 2018 - March 2020

Duration of job: Depending on your availability – a few months up to 2 years


Kapuna hospital was built in the early 1950’s. Ever since there has been little money to do major renovations. Therefore Kapuna has looked for funding to thoroughly renovate its facilities, including its hospital and ancillary buildings. We need qualified staff to help us perform the job.


As a joiner you will be responsible for

  • Making all the new beds, cupboards, shelves and other furniture for the hospital and other facilities
  • Placing all the furniture on their final location
  • Do onsite training with local builders and trainees as needed
  • Be responsible for work safety for yourself and your team
  • Work together with the local builders as one team
  • The supplies and materials; all should be used and stored appropriately

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a professional joiner with good experience in joinery activities. In order to live and enjoy life in this remote place, it would be good if you are flexible and able to cope with different living conditions. Other than that we are hoping that you are a committed Christian who is open to have fellowship with our community.

What we can offer

If you want to take this unique opportunity to serve in a remote and needy place of the world, you will not regret it. Kapuna is a beautiful village in the dense bush of PNG with only waterways and airstrips in the vicinity to make travel arrangements. We will make sure you enjoy your stay and can offer the following:

  • Accommodation
  • 1 * return travel from Mount Hagen/Port Moresby to Kapuna
  • Appropriate remuneration

If you are ready for an adventure and you feel this is your call, just let us know and we'll share more information. Kindly also send us your resume and reference letters with statements on your experience and character.

Thank you!


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